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My name is Chantal Benitez, I am an illustrator and plush toy artist from Vancouver, WA that loves to make people smile with creative character designs. By fusing vector and traditional mediums together I can transport people to another dimension with my edgy designs.

I work simultaneously between Photoshop and Illustrator so my work can stay shaped based, with just a hint of handmade texture. It’s this fascination with how traditional elements interact with solid shapes that makes my illustrations feel more alive.

My obsession for character design dates back to when I was influenced by the many facets of pop culture from video games, comic books, and movies. Especially Pokemon! I love making dark yet friendly animals and creatures that are both friendly and a tad intimidating. My current favorite character creation is Frank, a demon wolf that you will see taking over my social feeds.

As a young girl, I  was infatuated with plush toys. They made me feel safe and warm. As I grew older my love for plush toys expanded where I found myself taking my illustration work and turning them into a 3D plush toy of my very own making.

When I’m not doing my normal art duties I am probably playing video games, reading, playing with cats and making crafts. I am very big on DIY and try to make as many things as I can by myself like hair bows, infinity scarves, and jewelry.


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